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Want a makeover without surgery? Today’s dermal fillers have very little downtime, and can give your facial appearance the boost you want! Injectable fillers are designed to replace lost volume, plump lips and fill deep wrinkles. Patients enjoy the nearly instantaneous results. Kevin uses only FDA-approved fillers, including Restylane, Juvéderm, Sculptra, Perlane, Belotero, Radiesse, and the newly FDA-approved cheek filler Juvéderm Voluma.

Pictured below are before and afters leveraging dermal fillers. The first is a chin augmentation resulting in a more supple, full look and the second showcases how dermal fillers can be used to correct wrinkles and tears in the earlobes.

Ear Lobes
What are the different kinds of dermal fillers?

Juvéderm and Restylane
These are hyaluronic acid (HA) gel products that last for up to 6–12 months. They are often used for correcting the nasolabial folds (smile lines), and for lip plumping. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring sugar that you have in your body. HA has many roles but the primary role is to pull water into your skin giving you plumpness/fullness. These fillers can be dissolved if necessary.

Juvéderm Voluma
Juvéderm Voluma is the first and only filler FDA-approved to instantly add volume to the cheek area. It gives you a subtle lift, helping to restore contour and a more youthful profile in patients over the age of 21. It typically lasts 1.5 to 2 years. This filler can be dissolved if necessary.

Juvéderm Ultra Plus
This HA filler is designed for a deeper injection than Juvederm Ultra. It works well for severe facial wrinkles and folds. It typically lasts 6-12 months. This filler can be dissolved if necessary.

Belotero is an HA filler. It can be used like Juvederm and Restylane, but is also very good around the eye area, in the “tear trough.” It typically lasts 3-4 months or longer. It is unique in that it can be placed very superficially without showing through the skin. This filler can be dissolved if necessary.

Perlane is an HA filler designed for deeper injection than Restylane. It works well for severe facial wrinkles and folds. It typically lasts 6-12 months. This filler can be dissolved if necessary.

Radiesse is made of calcium hydroxyapatite (bone material). It has a thicker consistency and is best for deeper tissue placement. It typically lasts 6-12 months. This filler cannot be dissolved if necessary.

More of a volume-stimulating agent than a filler, Sculptra is made of poly-L-lactic acid, a liquid form of surgical suture material. It gradually stimulates your body to make new collagen in the treated areas. It is excellent for re-volumizing sunken areas of the face – especially the cheeks, the eyebrow and temple areas. It typically lasts 1-3 years.

Are dermal fillers safe?

Yes. Allergic reactions to dermal fillers are rare. The track record of safety with the injectable HA gel products is excellent, with a very low rate of complications.

Where can I use Fillers?
  • Facial lines, folds (like those smile lines and the marionette/puppet lines on your lower face), and loss of volume
  • Back of your hands to make them look more youthful
  • Scarring from acne, surgery or other causes
  • Indentations on your body that were caused by injury or surgery.
  • Earlobes. If the hole was torn (not completely) or to ensure your stud earrings are pointing forward and not down.
  • Your chin to make it larger
  • Your nose if you have any irregularities
  • Dark circles
  • Many other areas and reasons
How do I decide which filler to get?

Each filler has specific features that are suited to certain facial applications. Some need to be placed deep in the tissue, others can work right underneath the skin surface. Some can be placed in the lips or near the eyes – and some can’t. Come and see us for an in-person consultation, and we’ll help you sort this out.

Will I bruise?

You might. You can help to minimize this by avoiding things that increase bruising – like aspirin, Motrin, Advil, Vitamin E, fish oil supplements and alcohol. Also – don’t have fillers within 3 weeks prior to any important social events. If you bruise you can use Arnica Montana or consume pineapple to decrease the length of time the bruise is visible.

Are dermal fillers painful?

Usually, people tolerate them very well. Most of the fillers have lidocaine mixed in the gel, which numbs the area upon injection. Also, numbing cream and ice can be used to help make the injection be more comfortable. Let us know if you are needle-phobic or highly anxious – there are some additional things we can do, with advance notification.

Will dermal fillers replace a facelift?

No. Dermal fillers do not lift or tighten tissues as a facelift would. But fillers work very well indeed for the patient who either notices a few lines & wrinkles and is not ready for a facelift, or for the patient that has already had a facelift and wants to maintain the improved appearance for as long as possible. Botox®, dermal fillers, skin care and surgery each play a specific role in helping to treat the areas of your concern.

Will I have a lot of swelling?

It depends on the product used, the amount of product used, and your body. There is often some swelling for the first 2 or 3 days, after which things usually settle down, giving the desired appearance.

What if I change my mind after having the dermal fillers?

One of the nice things about the HA group of fillers, like Voluma®, Juvederm® (Ultra or Ultra Plus), Restylane®, Perlane®, and Belotero®, is that we can “undo” them, if necessary. There is an injectable agent that can “erase” the fillers.


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