Are Face Lotions and Creams Effective?

If you watch TV, even just cable and subscription services, for any amount of time you
will be bombarded with ads that promise younger-looking skin, eradication of fine lines, and
improved tone and texture of skin by the newest and best lotions. Each one uses language that
is obscured and leading to make sure that you shell out your next paycheck for their miracle
cream, serum, or facial rejuvenation concoction. But, are any of them actually effective at doing
what they promise? The answer is actually much more difficult than a simple yes or no. There
are few topical solutions to a subdermal problem. There are, however, some that offer benefits
worthy of your hard-earned money.

Retinol this, hyaluronic acid that, Retin-A prescriptions, ceramides, antioxidants, miracle
proprietary blends of herbs and vitamin C, home remedies, all leave us wondering, is it a skin
health revelation or an experiment in alchemy. Let me help you clear away all the
pseudoscience involving marketing tricks, advertising and give you the truth about slathering
your face with oils, lotions, and creams.

Lotions in general, especially those that have a good broad-spectrum SPF of 30 or
higher, should always be a mandatory step to your face care routine. However, you must first
have a good foundation. Making sure you keep a healthy amount of water in your body, eat
well, exercise, refrain from smoking and limit your exposure to the sun, are your starting points.
Cleansing your face twice daily with a gentle cleanser keeps the harshness of the environment
from negatively impacting the delicate skin of your face. Once you have a clean fresh hydrated
face, more specific skincare steps are taken given the best chance of exacting their artistry
more effectively. Hyaluronic Acid is one such product. It retains water and has been shown to
plumb skin and give it a fuller healthier appearance. It is used in lotions and in some cases
directly applied to areas to reduce the appearance of fine lines and scars. It is effective in
keeping the skin healthy and hydrated. Its effects though are limited; the benefits are only
visible while using it. Retin-A, the only FDA approved topical treatment that builds collagen, can
provide benefits long past the evening application. It turns over the skin to help minimize the
retention of long-dead cells, resulting in a brighter lighter appearance. It softens fine lines,
reduces pigmentation, and has been shown to be helpful in treating pre-cancers. It is only
available as a prescription, but it ultimately has one of the best cost to benefit ratios of any
topical treatment. Some believe it can only be applied at night because of the chance it will
burn the skin in the sunlight. This is a fallacy. Retin-A is applied at night because sunlight will
burn it off and the effectiveness of it is completely lost. That being said, there are some who
cannot tolerate its strength. It is very few, but there are some. For those individuals, it is
recommended to use Retinol. Using a product with Retinol is simply a lighter version of Retin-A.
Retinol can be used more effectively for some without the risk of harsh side effects such as drying the skin or turning it red. Retin-A will get you to your goal a bit quicker than a slower
working retinol.

So, in the crazy world of promises and newfangled mixtures of ingredients, your best
option is to keep the face hydrated, protected, and healthy. Start with an AM routine each day
with the mindset of protecting your skin. Your PM routine should possess the mindset of
repairing the skin. Both routines should start with a cleanser, toner and then move on to the
specific products targeted for your skin type. Every AM routine should be finished off with a
product offering UV protection. At Face-Time Aesthetics we would like our clients to include a
retinol product in their PM routine.

Establish a relationship with your skin health specialist to discuss your concerns and
ultimate goals. Kevin and Teresa at Face-Time Aesthetics will customize a treatment plan that
will meet your budget and deliver you to a desired result.

Call for a free customized skin health assessment and evaluation with Teresa.

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