Does Sculptra® work for Cellulite?

When you think of Sculptra®, do you only think about the face? You wouldn’t be the
only one. The truth is, however, Sculptra Aesthetic® for Cellulite is just one of the many other
treatments this versatile product can help with. Fed up with dimples in the skin from cellulite?
Let Face-Time Aesthetics solve the problem and get you on the way to a dimple-free look that
you will be proud to show off this summer.

Cellulite occurs when fat pushes up against your connective tissue resulting in a dimpling
effect that can happen to anyone at any weight. There is some evidence that would suggest that it
can also be related to genetics. Studies have shown that a high percentage rate of women suffers
from cellulite, so do not feel you are alone; the incidence of it is rather common, and so is the
misconception about it. But, just because it is common does not mean you have to settle for the
appearance of it. There are several treatment options available that can get you on your way to an
indentation-free appearance.

Treatment of cellulite using injectables varies, and is heavily dependent on the patient
and their particular cellulite and the areas needing treatment. Using hyaluronic acid products, for
example, can be beneficial and typically give you the ability to reverse the treated areas if you
want to change the overall appearance. But, Sculptra Aesthetic® however, is the preferred choice
for the most effective treatment with the most prolonged existence of results. Treatment with
Sculptra® can take around thirty minutes and may cause mild bruising in the area, but those will
fade within one to two weeks and do not regularly occur. The results, which are from your body
making new collagen to fill in between the dimpled areas, typically take between three to six
months post injections and are frequently long-lasting. Add in mild changes to your daily
routine, such as flexibility training, and you can expect superior results that in some cases have
shown an almost permanency to the reduction in dimpling.

Don’t let the fallacy of, “there’s nothing you can do about it”, steer you into the belief
you are stuck with cellulite regardless of how much you change your diet or exercise. The truth
is, many suffer from it, but there are options. Sculptra Aesthetic® is one of them. Only a
professional can determine what your treatment would look like and help you set up reasonable
expectations of results, so do not sit at home any longer worried about your lumpy legs, or
dimply bottom; get in touch with Kevin at Face-Time Aesthetics and let him get you started on
the path to a smoother you.

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