How to get rid of Frown Lines

The real negative associated with Frown Lines isn’t that you have them; it’s that they can change your appearance more than you know. Innocent statements about, “are you upset” or “you look tired today” are signs that the dreaded “11” has taken up residence between your eyebrows. You may be asking then; since we cannot stop the years from coming and going and we can’t always stop ourselves from squinting, how is it then that we can limit and/or get rid of these annoying frown lines?

These lines are caused by the repeated gathering of skin between the eyebrows; typically associated with the squinting of eyes or tightening of the eyebrows when angry or frowning. Over the years this repetition makes a fold that then appears as the number 11 or referred to as “Frown Lines” between the eyebrows.  It can have the dreaded effect of making a person appear upset or sad even when they are not. It can also add years to your overall appearance, not to mention, it can lessen a person’s self-confidence. There are several ways you can limit the impact or creation of these lines at home with some easy tips and lifestyle adjustments. The most obvious; reduce how much you squint. Wear sunglasses, make a conscious effort to not frown or furrow your brow, drink plenty of water, maintain a good facial routine that includes moisturizers, don’t smoke, or quit if you already do, and keep a healthy diet. But, if these lines have already set in, your best option is to seek out the professional opinion of a Facial Rejuvenation Specialist.

With targeted injections of Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, or Jeuveau®, these lines can virtually disappear.  Given the depth these pesky wrinkles can have, at times it is best to utilize a combination of treatment options in tandem.  You may need to improve your skin care routine as well as make some lifestyle changes in concurrence with injections. Because there are many considerations to take into account before treating Frown Lines and only an Injection/skin care  Specialist can help guide you through each of them, it is recommended that you schedule a consultation and explore the options that are best for you. Be happy, stress less, and rid your face of the worry; Frown Lines can be turned into No Lines, and your outward appearance can match your inner smile.

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