Scrotox®; the “other” wrinkle reducer

You may have heard the term “Scrotox®” recently and the comical nature of the name
made you chuckle. But, did you know that getting a few targeted injections in the scrotum can
relax the skin holding up your boys and give you a smooth pleasant appearing package? Adding
to its ever-widening array of uses, onabotulinumtoxinA is also being used on the wrinkly skin of
the scrotum to give guys a smooth appealing hang to their testicles.

Scrotox® is for both the boys themselves keeping them in a “dropped” position, but also
for the creased and tight skin of the scrotum that holds them in place. Superficially, the
injections specific to your scrotum relax the muscle responsible for tightening the sack around
your testicles softening the often times wrinkled appearance of the skin. Assisting with keeping
the area relaxed and free of all the crinkly lines in your package, it can also keep your boys
hanging freely even if the temperature isn’t all that warm. Allowing your testicles to maintain a
freer and more relaxed position away from the body has other benefits as well; enlarging the
appearance of your testicles and improving the overall aesthetics of the whole package.

Using one of the name brand monikers for onabotulinumtoxinA, such as Botox® or Dysport®, your
provider sets up four injections to the area specifically targeted at relaxing the contractor reflex
of the scrotum. The discomfort is minimal and best described as a mosquito bite. The results
are well worth the nervousness of having needles near your boys. Requiring a few days to a
week to fully take effect, Scrotox® can last up to six months giving you that visually appealing
soft hanging skin of the scrotum. Ideally suited for men who experience a consistent tight
scrotum or who frequently have their testicles drawn up close to the body, Scrotox® can do
wonders for improving one’s self-esteem related to their appearance.

Additionally, there are injections that can be done on the cremaster muscle assisting
with lowering your boys into a comfortable position away from the body. These shots bring
your testicles into a favorable position filling your scrotum and improving your symmetry and
the overall appearance of your package. None of these shots fully paralyze the area from doing
its respective job, drawing your testicles in closer to the body to control their temperature, so
you can expect to still see a tightened scrotum if you take the polar bear plunge or streak naked
in the winter. But, Scrotox® will make sure that in the heat of the moment or when you want to
impress with the heft of your package, your boys appear wrinkle-free, hanging low, and ready
for their close up.

Contact Kevin Harrington at Face-Time Aesthetics and set up an appointment for a consultation. It’s
easy and worth the time. Don’t settle for a wrinkly tight scrotum or constantly drawn up
testicles, a few simple painless Scrotox® injections can loosen up your package and give you all
the confidence of a low hanging man.

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