Teresa Corcoran, Skin Health Specialist

Teresa has embraced the opportunity to contribute her professional experience as a Registered Medical Assistant and Medical Office Manager with over 11 years of clinical and administrative work experience. Her hope is to inspire growth professionally and to convey a spirit of restoration and wellness to all of our clients.  

“Kevin and Nadia, each in their own capacity have extensive training, education, and experience at the highest levels which allows them to facilitate a care model for each client that is unique. Lucky me to be a recipient of this talented duo! I have been a client of Nadia’s since 2010.  Shortly after their two careers collided in 2013 I was introduced to Kevin. After four years of being offered a spot on the dream team here at Face-Time Aesthetics, I caved and said YES! Who could resist an opportunity to work alongside these professional artists? I can honestly say that I am honored to work side by side with such professional artists who have a shared goal to simply attain tangible results and satisfaction for all of their clients.” Teresa prides herself on creating and nurturing relationships with all of our clients.


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