What Lotions does Face-Time Aesthetics Sell?

In the crazy market of facial creams, serums, and lotions, Face-Time Aesthetics has you
covered; literally. With an entire line of the absolute best and most effective face care lotions
specifically created by Kevin and a team of face care specialists, you know what you are putting
on your face is safe, effective, and falls into your budget.

How do you know what is right for you? This is one of the easiest questions to answers;
you don’t have to know! Face-Time Aesthetics will customize a skin health treatment plan
incorporating products from their original line of products and numerous clinical treatments
offered. Each customized plan is born from a desire to provide patients and clients with the
best possible solution to their face care needs that they can afford.

FTA Total Skin Care offers the perfect line of skin health products that will keep you
looking young, fresh, and bright. Each product was lovingly created with the needs of your skin
in mind; not the newest fads in lotion/cream advertising. FTA Total Skin Care offers daily
protective essentials to over-night repairative treatments including under-eye correction cream.

FTA-Brilliance (face and eyes) is the ultimate combatant to uneven skin tone. It is a
color-correction serum, which will help your skin achieve its new lease on life revealing a
brighter more even-toned you.

FTA-Hydra Calm (cleanser and moisturizer) is a soothing cleanser that takes care of
gently removing surface impurities while the moisturizer hydrates your thirsty skin.

FTA-Rejuvience is a full line of age-defying serums, hyaluronic acid blends, and Retinol
creams, which gently and effectively reverse the signs of aging by improving color, softening
fine lines, and hydrating the skin of your face and under-eye area.

How are any of these products different than the beauty counter and drug store shelves
filled with countless moisturizers, creams, serums, and treatments? Simple, the FTA Total Skin
Care Line was created by a dedicated and widely respected member of the aesthetics
community. It isn’t a market-driven brand with fancy labels and well-known actors touting its
glorious results and empty promises. The total line of products that Face-Time Aesthetics has,
and the ones they endorse, are specific products with detailed ingredients that are proven to
work; not in a lab, but on the faces of real-life clients. When you use FTA-Total Skin Care you
know that you have a superior product created by the man who has made his focus in life all
about helping faces achieve the smoothest, brightest, and most even appearance possible.

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