Sexual Wellness and Treatment from Face-Time Aesthetics

Sexual Wellness

Enhance and improve your sexual wellness with PRF Sexual Wellness Shots from Face-Time Aesthetics in Fruitland Park.

WHAT are PRF Sexual wellness shots?

Sexual wellness shots are designed to enhance your intimate experiences and bring a new level of satisfaction to your life. By increasing blood flow to the genital area, PRF shots enhance pleasure and tactile sensations.

Our shots contribute to overall sexual wellness and vitality that can improve endurance, improve libido, and experience more fulfilling moments of connection.

Does it hurt?

Sexual Wellness Shots are virtually painless as we utilize both topical numbing agents and lidocaine blocks to the area involved.

Is there down time?

There is no downtime with these shots. You are able to enjoy the immediate benefits of added volume and increased sensitivity to the area.

How long does treatment take?

The appointment is approx. 45 minutes in order to allow time for PRF preparation and adequate numbing time.

How many are needed?

We recommend a series of 3 shots 4-6 weeks a part for optimal results and then 12-18months maintenance from that point forward.

Are there people who cannot have this treatment?

Since PRF is derived from your own blood draw it is generally safe for most people. However, if you are someone who is taking immunosuppressants or chronic steroid use, PRF may not work as well and bring optimal results.

Interested in Sexual Wellness?

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