When Should I Start Botox

Have you looked in the mirror lately and asked yourself, “When should I start Botox®?” You may have even thought that you were either too young or your wrinkles were too deep to bother considering the injections. Fear not; you are not alone.

Botox® is one of four name-brand injections that soften lines by relaxing the muscles; the other three are; Dysport®, Xeomin®, and the newest one, Jeuveau®.   Which one you use is really just a matter of preference. All four achieve the same results but have minor differences that your injection specialist can discuss with you. Each of them can be used for a variety of different medical and cosmetic purposes, but to answer our question, we are looking at the softening of lines through the relaxation of muscles and when those injections should be started. To do so, let’s take a look first at those pesky age-showing lines called wrinkles.

Think of it like a piece of paper that is folded in half. If you do it repeatedly along the same line, that crease becomes more apparent. If you want to slow that creasing down—aka, soften wrinkles—you have to decrease the depth of the fold by reducing the amount of folding. Specifically targeted injections of Botox®, or any one of the other three name brand acetylcholine inhibitors, relax the surrounding muscles and over time shallow out the creases being formed. This can greatly reduce the appearance of furrows in the skin. Limiting the fold and therefore reducing the depth of the crease results in a smoother appearance and younger look. The number of units needed and the specific number of injections required to meet a person’s desired effect, are dependent on the depth of the crease and the strength of the muscles making the wrinkle. These injections are perfect for “crow’s feet”, “frown lines”, and worry lines in the forehead, and are a wonderful option for anyone wanting to soften the appearance of lines; regardless of age or depth of existing wrinkles.

So, when should you start? That question is easiest to answer when you give honest thought to what your goals are. Starting Botox® before deep creases in the skin set in will help maintain a youthful vibrant appearance and slow the signs of aging significantly. But does that mean once the wrinkles are there Botox® can’t help? ABSOLUTELY NOT! As with any problem in life; catching it early is best, but that does not mean you can’t reverse, and in some cases, erase the lines that have already begun to form.

Now is the best time to start! Regardless of how shallow or how deep the creases have become, look in the mirror again and instead of asking, “When Should I Start Botox?” ask yourself, “Why Haven’t I Started It Already?” Contact L. Kevin Harrington, at Face-Time Aesthetics, and he can discuss with you the specific number of units that would be needed to achieve the goals you want. In most cases, consultations are free and full of helpful information. Don’t waste another day folding the paper and deepening the crease when you can easily smooth out those lines, or prevent them, with a few targeted and painless injections.

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